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FN@WTF!?: Kung Fu Chicken by Project00Wolfen
FN@WTF!?: Kung Fu Chicken
Chica in a dojo sporting a familiar outfit worn by a Project Wolfen character. I went ahead and did ink line art to take a stab at again.

FNaF (c) Scott Cawthon
Art (c) :iconproject00wolfen:
Sounds like fun. I got nothing else going on.
Tagged by :iconsheila-sama-15:

1. Name 10 of your favorite characters from 10 different fandoms.
2. Tag 10 people

1) Donatello ('87 TMNT)
2) Chip (Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers)
3) Peg Pete (Goof Troop)
4) Pepe Le Peu (Looney Toons)
5) Fifi Le Fume (Tiny Toons)
6) Knuckles the Echidna (Sonic the Hedgehog)
7) Billy/Blue Ranger (Original Power Rangers)
8) Brooklyn (Gargoyles)
9) Simon (Original Chipmunks)
10) Razor (SWAT Katz)

Because I wanted to:
11) Cosgrove (Freakazoid)
12) Shenzi Marie Jacqulina Hyena (Lion King)
13) Riku (Kingdom Hearts)
14) Egon Spengler (Ghostbusters)
15) Harley Quinn (Batman)
16) Dakota (C.O.W.Boys of Moo Mesa)
17) Nosedive (Disney's Animated The Mighty Ducks)
18) Gambit (X-Men)
19) Rash (Battletoads)
20) Fox McCloud (Star Fox)
21) Chica (FNaF (Five Nights at Freddy's)
22) Toriel (Undertale)
23) Lady (Devil May Cry)
24) James McCloud (F-Zero X)
25) Luigi (Super Mario Bros.)
26) Blaze Fielding (Streets of Rage)
27) Ryu (Street Fighter)
28) Kazuya Mishima (Tekken)
29) Kayin (Battle Arena Toshinden)
30) Andy Bogard (Fatal Fury)
31) Kyo Kusanagi (King of Fighters)
32) Ryo Sakazaki (Art of Fighting)
33) Moriya (The Last Blade)
34) Long the Tiger (Bloody Roar)
35) Sol Badguy (Guilty Gear)
36) Ragna the Bloodedge (Blazblue)
37) Labrys (due to Persona 4 Arena)
38) Vashryn (Resonance of Fate)
39) Donkey Kong (Because "if you know the words, you can join in too")
40) Joanna Dark (Perfect Dark)
41) Yuka/Min Min (Flying Dragon)
42) Johnny (Johnny Bravo)
43) Meg Griffin (Family Guy)
44) Edna Krabapple (The Simpsons)
45) Grifter (WILDC.A.T.S.)
46) Rath (Mummies Alive!)
47) Murphy (OG Robocop)
48) Maya Natsume (Tenjou Tenge)
49) Kanou Uncho (Ikki Tousen)
50) Saeko Busuzima (High School of the Dead)
51) Wolfwood (Trigun)
52) Ed (Cowboy Bebop)
53) Kuwabara (Yu Yu Hakusho)
54) Gohan (Dragonball Z)
55) Tigra (OG Thundercats)
56) Starscream (OG Transformers)
57) Spider-Man (Spider-Man)
58) Tira (Soul Calibur)
59) Cerebella (Skullgirls)
60) Rip van Winkle (Hellsing)
61) Honey Lemon (Disney Marvel's Big Hero 6)

Tag 10 People (if you're interested):
Have to say....

the low quality in the graphics is complimented by the movement while playing the game. So far, it's pretty much KoF 13 but in 3D.

One major change is the EX moves is like 13's "HD Gauge" but you can't cancel Specials like you could.

It's like an even trade but "Max Gauge" turns all Supers into EX Supers and gives you access to your EX moves as long as the meter remains. It's interesting that it consumes one Super Stock to turn into a "Time Meter" and that's meters all you have access for you EX moves and some normal cancel opportunities.

Being one of the long playing KoF fans, the movement doesn't feel stale. It could as I'm so used to SNK's mechanical engineering. It's really 3D KoF 13 as far as the cosmetic look.

Characters are given multiple supers (up to 4 at least) that you can dish out against your friends in the long run. SNK remains to give us an entertaining and enjoyable gameplay experience from what I'm seeing from the demo.

Not only can I Super Cancel from one Super to another, I can mix it up so it won't be the same thing over and over.

For example, I can do Kyo's signature super but Super Cancel into the 1000 Years Kusanagi Training or I can go 1000 Years and cancel into his 99 DM where he delivers a double flame punch on you. Sorry, I don't remember every KoF moves name because a lot of them are in Japanese. That's one of my flaws with KoF games.



Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Welcome to my dA page. I draw just about anything as long I can get a clear picture in my head from descriptions or just a visual reference. I try my best. I'm a fighting gamer and an artist at heart as well as working my way on being a comic book illustrator and story writer. Enjoy the gallery and thanks for fav'ing any picture and watching me. :D

If interested: Send note.

Paypal: [b]BWDio[at][/b]


First Draft Sketch: [i][b]$5[/b][/i] (Outlines and Base Forms)
Line Art/Uncolored:[i][b] $10[/b][/i]
Black & White Colored: [i][b]$15[/b][/i]
Flat Colored: [i][b]$20[/b][/i]
Fully Colored: [i][b]$30[/b][/i]
Adult theme: [i][b]+ $15[/b][/i]
Per Characters: [i][b]+ $10 a character[/b][/i] (Not including the first character)
Scenes: [i][b]+ $18[/b][/i]
Rule 63: [i][b]+ $5[/b][/i]

1. [b]Payments are made first[/b] before I start on the picture.
2. [b]Hi-Priority[/b] so your picture will be posted [b]within[/b] a week. (I'll adjust to my working schedule. I'll keep you notified as frequently as possible on the progress.)
3. Though I do like creativity, [b]don't[/b] go overboard.
4. Reference sheet of character, visual, or detailed description of character.

What I normally draw: (Doesn't mean I'm limited to)
Action, dynamic poses, romance, horror, comedic scenes

What I don't draw:
Vore, gore, scat, urine, vomit, particular forms of BDSM, stretched out vagina, etc.

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