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Tira from Soul Calibur
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Lets Rock. I've noticed the changes to each character but not bad.
Goose and Gander by Project00Wolfen
Goose and Gander
This is why I shouldn't be listening to Raging Storm while drawing.

Anyway, Edgemere Straiton with his lovely right-hand "man" (and clone of Jyu), Xyiu.

...Something just made me want to draw them for a reason.

The title of the picture is referred to the fact that Edge's nickname is the "Wild Goose" while his assassin partner is called "Beserk Goose". That's all.

Jyu/Xyiu, Project Wolfen (c) :iconproject00wolfen:
Edgemere Straiton, Fur Fighters (c) :iconrocksteady:
Las Lindas Cosplay by Project00Wolfen
Las Lindas Cosplay
Well, last I've read :iconchalodillo:'s Las Lindas was back in 2003-2004 after reading the first story arc. I haven't read it since then but I've always grew fond of his characters Minos, Ambar, and Alejandra. So, just to "celebrate", I've drawn my favorite Las Lindas characters cosplaying my OCs from Project Wolfen.

Alejandra Coldthorn is dressed as Clover Arkahm……

Ambar is dressed as Jyu Xyiu……

Minos is dressed as my main OC, BW Dio………

Well, keep up the work on Las Lindas, Chalo.

Alejandra Coldthorn, Minos, and Ambar (c) :iconchalodillo:
Art (c) :iconproject00wolfen:
I have Super Smash Bros for the Wii U and I've been unlocking some on-disc content for the past week or so. I mainly play For Fun and very little For Glory matches whenever I'm online. If you've seen me on MiiVerse Smash Community then you've probably noticed me.

I'm still sketching pictures in my sketch book but I'm not too fond of taking pictures of them then uploading them here. Quality concern, that's all.

Anyway, how you doing?


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Welcome to my dA page. I draw just about anything as long I can get a clear picture in my head from descriptions or just a visual reference. I try my best. I'm a fighting gamer and an artist at heart as well as working my way on being a comic book illustrator and story writer. Enjoy the gallery and thanks for fav'ing any picture and watching me. :D

If interested: Send note.

Paypal: [b]BWDio[at][/b]


First Draft Sketch: [i][b]$5[/b][/i] (Outlines and Base Forms)
Line Art/Uncolored:[i][b] $10[/b][/i]
Black & White Colored: [i][b]$15[/b][/i]
Flat Colored: [i][b]$20[/b][/i]
Fully Colored: [i][b]$30[/b][/i]
Adult theme: [i][b]+ $15[/b][/i]
Per Characters: [i][b]+ $10 a character[/b][/i] (Not including the first character)
Scenes: [i][b]+ $18[/b][/i]
Rule 63: [i][b]+ $5[/b][/i]

1. [b]Payments are made first[/b] before I start on the picture.
2. [b]Hi-Priority[/b] so your picture will be posted [b]within[/b] a week. (I'll adjust to my working schedule. I'll keep you notified as frequently as possible on the progress.)
3. Though I do like creativity, [b]don't[/b] go overboard.
4. Reference sheet of character, visual, or detailed description of character.

What I normally draw: (Doesn't mean I'm limited to)
Action, dynamic poses, romance, horror, comedic scenes

What I don't draw:
Vore, gore, scat, urine, vomit, particular forms of BDSM, stretched out vagina, etc.

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